Monday, October 4, 2010

Some family just don't belong.

It's a long story. But my before I was born, my family went on a cruise, when they came back, they weren't a family anymore. My grandad had met another woman on the ship, and left my grandmother for her. Everything was different. A year after I was born my Nanna passed away, and i knew no different about what had actually happened with my Pop's wife.. I treated her like family, and felt like i wanted to be like her. I found out just a couple of years ago what she did, and how she tore my family apart. Ever since I knew this I haven't forgiven her once.

Anyway, when my Nanna passed away, she left the family house to my mum and my uncles. We lived there till I was nine, and then mum and i moved out, leaving my uncle there. Time's come where he's being forced to sell the house.. rahrahrah. SO. My step-grandmother, comes into the house and goes through every drawer, picks out new colours for the house, etc, likes it's her own. This might be okay to some people but not to me, the person who tore our family apart, is coming in to the family house acting like she has a right to be there. She doesn't. I really don't get why no other people in my family, except mum, think this is wront? Wouldn't you? Ugh..

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well goodmorning! It's been way too long since I last blogged, haven't even thought about it!
Assignments, assignments, assignments.. it's all i've been thinking about. And to top that off, i'm working every day :( Not the best life. I'm starting to feel really run-down, and i've lost all my energy. No fun. Work has been hectic, i've had to deal with all the crap my manager is handing me. To make matters even worse, i've realised he's been completely bitching about me behind my back, when he makes out like we're close friends. I've really had it with him, honestly. argh!
ALSO. I moved house last week, finally that stress is out of the way. Everything is unpacked, and it feels like home now :)
That's pretty much all, also, to my friends; if i go all moody, it's because i'm tres stressed :(, I really just need a night out :( :(
PS: I think I should study French again, haha.