Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I can't stop crying. Well, tonight at least.
I just feel like i'm empty, like i'm missing everything. I just wish everything was back to they way things used to be. When I was 16 and in year 12. I miss my friends, my best friend, my ex boyfriend, life.
I never thought i'd feel like this. That i'd want to go back in time, but i do. Everything was perfect. I didn't realise that I had everything. And now i'm left with nothing.
I feel like I have any good friends anymore, in Perth, that I can call and easily meet up with. It's just not there. I have friends, but just not the ones you see all the time.
I feel like my best friends from high school are leaving me out of everything. And I always called them my besties, and they did the same. What the hell happened?

I miss my best friend from work, Jordan. I'm literally craving to see him, that even the thought of seeing him gets me happy. I miss him... so, so much it's sad. I want to see him and pick up right where we left off and act like we never were apart from each other.

I miss my ex-boyfriend Matt. I never thought i'd say that but I do. I miss every single thing about him. Our goodnight texts, his touch, his kiss, his voice, his everything. I just wish we didn't end things, neither of us know why we did. I just wish i was still with him.

So, i'm going to try. Try and make things the least bit interesting and move on with my life. I don't know if I can, but i've got to try. I just wish I was living in LA right now and hanging out with Corinne, Jess, and Natalie from KIIS. I know that's where I belong over there with those girlies! :(
I miss my old life.


  1. God I feel so exactly the same right now.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thanks, you too :)
    It just sucks! argh, I want this to go away.