Wednesday, September 9, 2009

American Idol

It was just announced only a half hour ago that Ellen DeGeneres would be the permanent fourth judges replacement of Paula Abdul for American Idol season 9. As a huge fan of Paula, it's hard for me to see anyone else join the Idol gang and not have her there. Then again, as a fan of Ellen, I know that she will make the show bearable now that Paula isn't there. Ellen brings everything you could want to a show; and that was especially made clear when she was a guest judge on SYTYCD. Even though they didn't keep it to 3 judges as I would have like for this season, good job Fox on hiring Ellen, you made one good move this year. I think I probably will watch next season, even though I promised I wouldn't, but how can you not with Ellen there, she's just so lovable! Plus, at least it's not some 20-something slore that Simon can flirt with!

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