Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm so ridiculously excited because not only is it my friends 21st party this weekend, not only am I going to be wearing a dress that i designed.. BUT i'm seeing my old best friend who i haven't seen in over 6 months! I miss him like crazy! We were seriously inseparable Jordan and I.. we did everything together. He was my best friend ever. And no matter if people talked horribly about him, i was always there to be on his side and same with him for me. I'll give you guys the run down on everything!

We started working together around the same time, we totally never spoke for about 2 months but then we started to get to know each other. I think I remember having this serious crush on him too. Haha, but then i got to know him and we became best friends and the 'crush' feelings dropped. We always hung out after work, went to the movies together, I stayed over at his house a couple of times and he was my ball date :) Then the guy I started to date became really good friends with Jordan, so Jordan came out with us more which was awesome. Then a couple of months later, Matt (my ex) and I broke up.. but Jordan stayed on my side, and he hardly saw Matt, instead he was still with me.

Jordan and I always promised that we would stay in contact no matter what happened ever with anything, we pinky promised.. and you can't break that! And then Jordan always said how he was going to quit my Christmas, but he did. Then he said by February, but he didn't. Then out of the blue I saw less and less of him, and he had quit. We talked to each other a little but then it just stopped. The last I remember seeing of him was driving away from a party.. and that's all. We never texted each other again, called, spoke on the internet. It was like because he had quit or friendship had too.

I miss him, seriously miss him. I'm so glad i'm seeing him this weekend because it's been way too long. I didn't ever want to lose a friendship like mine and Jordan's, so i'm hoping it can regain after this weekend. I'll I have is hope for it, and i'm not giving up on that. 6 months has been too long, I miss you.

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