Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've had so many blogs, and everytime I signed up for a new one I promised myself that I would update it.. and i never did. I probably had an account with this site, I won't remember, or really I won't be bothered to remember because I really don't care. I'll be nice to start off with and let y'all know who I am, rather than who's behind the screen name.

I'm clare. Born, raised and living in Perth Australia. To be perfectly honest I dont like it here. It has its ups and downs, but more negative. The only reason that i am still here if because it's my comfort zone, and i have everything that i need for the time being; my family, friends and knowledge of where everything is. I'm a sucker for reality tv, celebrities and travel. People come to me first to ask about celebrities, because they know that i would have known for a long time about what's going on. and i like that. I don't read Australian celeb magazines because they bore me as trying to make someone popular, when they're just not. Before I go to sleep each night I tune in to 102.7 KIIS fm LA, because that's my station. I hate australian radio stations who don't constantly play music, because i hate their talkback. With KIIS, if they have more talkback, i don't mind because it's so much more interesting, and the music seems a whole lot better too, even if it's exactly the same as here.

I think that's all for now, until next time..
ciao xx


  1. Hahaha, people can STALK you, now. :D

    I have LiveJournal, but never use it. :P

  2. YAY! Lol. I think I had that at one point.. be my follower? haha.